Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Day I Decided My Daughter Will Not Choose Her Own Friends

The Day I Decided My Daughter Will Not Choose Her Own Friends

This! LOVED this post! This is what needs to happen. Parents of kiddos who are excluding need to step to the plate and not accept this behavior. Bravo! Love this!


Papa Coach said...

I loved this post! I've often thought that I wished I had gotten to know some of my other classmates better; I just stayed with my jock friends mostly. Error...and I know it now.

Anonymous said...

I loved this article for a variety of reasons! I too was one of the awkward kids that had to learn to make friends every two years because we moved so often (not due to the military), but also on a few occasions was gently pushed by the mother of an awkward child to befriend them. The leader of my Brownie Troop was the amazing mother of an awkward girl for instance. Even though my heart wasn't in the right place back then and I wasn't at all pleased, I've found that as a Christian adult I am far more sensitive to those who are 'socially awkward' and try to make a point to make them feel welcome. I also know that moving around so often as a child has helped me reach out to people more readily, but to be especially careful to extend a warm welcome to those who are new.

Julie Edgar

TAV said...

Thank you for raising your kids to be compassionate humans who may build bridges, not walls with those who are different. This country and world need parents with open minds and hearts.