Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Funnies

This week's Friday Funnies will be a series of videos. The first is Joni. She isn't exactly ... tall ... and when she went for a walk with the kids, had to figure out how to put the rope back on the gate. Leave it to 60-something Joni to find a way:

Here she is showing off the muscles that made it all possible:

And here she is celebrating:

Joni also had a talk with Hannah about the fact that she won't wear pants. Hannah .... I'll let her speak for herself:

On her walk with Abigail, Abigail got silly. I love that Joni got this on video. Our little shy girl has been EMERGING from her shell with a dramatic flair. She makes us smile so big. She decided to do some "modern ballet" in this performance:

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