Sunday, March 19, 2017

Best part of March Madness?

My whole life as a child and into my young adult years was ... athletics. It is what I did. It is what my family did. It is what my extended family did. Sports I know!

So check out this video below. Here's what I spent my morning doing. New piano player Abigail is going to try and play a duet with Isaac for their recital next month. That's me, the athlete, trying to count for them. Ballet and piano?! Really God?!

Okay but the humor gets even better. In between practice sessions, I put a live stream of March Madness on the computer. We don't have TV, but I can get games online. I used to say we avoided TV because of the commercials, but now they are playing them like crazy online too. 

As we sat down to eat our lunch and watch a game, Sidge said to me: "Mom, do you know what my favorite part of watching basketball is?"

This interested me. My son. Interested in sports?! Do tell dear Sidge! What do you love about the game I grew up loving?!

His answer: "The commercials."

God is ... hilarious. 

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