Thursday, March 30, 2017

Review: My Toddlers App, LLC

I recently stumbled upon an incredibly fun app opportunity for parents of toddlers and was so excited when they agreed to allow me to review one of their programs in exchange for my honest review. There are actually four different available all from My Toddlers App, LLC. I used these with my three-year-old daughter Hannah. I think you could easily use the app with children ages 2-5. 

The four different programs include:

This is a USA family owned and operated company. It was actually inspired by the creator's granddaughter. He watched her operating an ipad so easily and wanted to make the "teacher" for these programs the child's family instead of some random cartoon character. 

MTA FAMILY allows the parent to add a family member's photo and voice to teach a toddler to associate a person's name and how it is spelled with that person. The family member's voice will tell their toddler how to spell their name while it displays across the screen one letter at a time. There is also no limit to how many people you enter in the family section of the program. This means that you can add tons of friends and family to this program on behalf of the child.

Each of the apps provides a great video which goes through step by step instructions for setting the program up. I was confused about a few parts but was so impressed with the video and customer service in helping me figure out how to fix what I was doing wrong. Here is a video for the MTA FAMILY app.

MTA ANIMALS allows the family to choose from over 40 animals to present to their toddler. I recorded my voice telling Hannah how to spell the animal name while it displayed across the screen one letter at a time. After I am done reading it, Hannah can click on the name of the animal and listen to what sound the animal makes.

MTA READER is so cool! I can read a book and record it into the program. Then Hannah just touches the book cover on their main screen to listen to me reading the book. I especially want to have my far away relatives read books that Hannah can listen to in the future.

MTA MATCH is the traditional match game all kids play with individualized pictures. I can put pictures of animals on our farm or family members, and Hannah then matches them!
You can visit My Toddlers App, LLC on Facebook and on YouTube. I love that this company is just a family like us, and really encourage EVERYONE to help support what they are doing. It is a simple idea that will leave a huge smile plastered across your child's face!

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Anonymous said...

Hello. I am Steve the grandfather developer at My Toddlers App, LLC. I want to first say thank you for a great review!!

We have a new video on Ellen DeGeneres' web site and the more views it gets the better chance we have of it being featured on her TV show. So please use the link below to view.

Thanks Again