Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Review: The Dog Who Was There

Ron Marasco's novel: The Dog Who Was There presents a unique perspective into the life and death of Jesus. It follows the life of Barley -- a plain old dog who happens to have a front-row seat for the last moment's of Christ's life.

Overall, this book was a very easy, gentle read. It didn't leave me turning pages furiously, but I did want to return to finish the story. It was written very succinctly and clearly. My only "complaint" was simply that this was kind of a "downer" of a story. The death of Jesus ultimately has to be, but in addition, Barley's life is one of difficulty and heartache. I wouldn't recommend it if you are already feeling a little bit down in your life. Liberties are taken as well, but I do not find any of them to be a problem as far as staying true to the word of God.

If you like dogs and are looking for good, clean Christian fiction, this is a great choice.

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