Saturday, March 25, 2017

Joni brings Roy to the Farm!

First up on Roy and Joni's visit -- Isaac talks Joni into playing Bean Boozled. (Roy was having NONE of that.)

Next up, Joan and the kids took a walk over to Grampa and Grama's to visit Ritter. (We have the dogs split up right now because Arabelle is in heat.)

And as always, Joni captures some random wonderfulness from my kiddos: 

Then we take Roy on an adventure to feed and collect eggs:

Joni and Roy went to visit an old friend about an hour from us and took the boys with them. She captured some fun pictures of their adventures (including the boys trying to help each other up onto a hay bale): 

Showing Sidge some bear claw prints!

Roy really liked meeting our pups:

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Rachel said...

Joni's faces are awesome! And those jelly beans are so disgusting!!