Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Doe River Gorge

Doe River Gorge is ... AMAZING! Situated about one hour from us in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains, this privately owned Christian camp includes rugged mountains, scenic meadows, whitewater rapids, and steep mountain walls surrounded by the Cherokee National Forest. They run summer camps for ages 8-18 and all kinds of family vacations and retreats.

Our Homeschool group organizes field trips that we can opt in or out of. I just absolutely LOVE this part of what our homeschool group does. I went with my four kids and Grama (who isn't in ANY pictures.) 

First up was a scenic rail trip into the Doe River Gorge. Unfortunately, it was raining during this part of the trip so we couldn't embrace it fully, but it was amazing, and I definitely want to go back.

This is Lisa who organizes all the field trips. She has three children including Grace who is on her lap. That's her husband too. Lisa does an AMAZING job. I would not want her job. I'm so blessed she does want it!

After we were done on the train, we dried off in a big tent and the kids played some games with camp leaders. I mostly tried to get all of my kids warm after the cold and rainy train ride:

From there, we headed out to ride and paint horses. I was a bit confused about the horse painting, but have since come to understand that this is used in therapy when working with horses and that it provides an opportunity for kids to get close to these majestic animals in a kind way. 

That's Isaac, our friend Eliza, and Abigail

Isaac painting

Sidge loved this!

Sidge is absolutely mesmerized by animals. He becomes so focused on them and treating them kindly and meeting them properly. He truly has an amazing love and fascination.

Most kids put their fingers in the paint. No big surprise that Hannah put her entire hand in!

After that each child got a turn to ride the horse. We were 4 for 4. All my kids wanted to do it. This was Hannah's first time on a horse (I think?)

Next up, time to groom them. Sidge takes his job so seriously:

After that we took a UNIMOG ride. This was very fun!

Kristin has become such a dear friend to me. I LOVE HER!

Her daughter Eliza may be Abigail's age, but she is a perfect fit for Hannah!

At the end, we played an awesome game of OCTABALL. I LOVED THIS GAME and hope we can build it on our farm. It is so much fun for kids and adults and people of all ability levels:

This is only a small sampling of everything you can do at Doe River Gorge. Click here to see more. Such an amazing place!!

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