Tuesday, March 07, 2017

My blondie (and our dogs)

This little girl -- my Abigail -- is growing up so beautifully. She is emerging from her shell and just leaving us smiling so often. She just loves to dance and moved up to the 7-11 year old class at ballet despite only being 5. Until the last few months, we have NEVER had to punish her. She simply behaved. But during the last few months we have watched her opinion burst forth, and while I'm a little frustrated that I have another child who requires discipline, I am thrilled to see her personality shining forth. Her biggest obstacle is fighting with Sidge. :)

She is loving on Ritter, our male dog. Our female is in heat for the first time, and since they advise you not to breed them during the first heat, we have them separated. Arabelle is living with Grampa and Grama -- although we are visiting her everyday. (We picked Arabelle to go there because she is currently the more obedient and less puppy-like of the two.) Ritter is a HUGE lover. He just loves people to pet him and love on him and is the most chill dog ever. He does still want to eat stuffed animals regularly so we have to watch him closely, but man, has he done all of our hearts good. We call him our "Big Lug" and what a great Lug he is.

Arabelle is incredibly intelligent -- like eerily so. She is the dog that will be out on the farm with us staying right by our side and listening with near perfection in the years to come. She is an incredible dog who doesn't get into much trouble at all. I am not sure how we will get Dad and Mom to release her at the end of this month. 

Okay and YES we said these were going to be outdoor dogs. We failed in that. They spend their time about 50/50 inside and outside. As they become more trustworthy, we think they'll be outside mostly when the weather is good. But we have decided to let them sleep inside mostly because we had no idea how many neighbors have dogs and how often those dogs go into barking fits in the middle of the night. They are much quieter indoors!

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