Thursday, March 02, 2017

We Bought a Farm: Ready to get dirty

I ran out to pick up a new WWOOOFer this morning, Amy. So I put on my "nice" clothes which consist of ... well ... not messy farm clothes. (My typical leaving the house uniform is blue jeans and a shirt.)

Shortly after getting home, one of our other WWOOFer's, Jacob, came to the house to let me know that he needed my help. He was out with Amy and another WWOOFer, Tymen moving pigs and things weren't going well. Our boar (big male pig) had gotten out of the new enclosure they had just set up, and they needed extra hands.

So out I go. You can't tell from the picture above (which was taken after we successfully got everyone back into their enclosure), but I am pretty much covered in mud. Quite a mess. Not exactly pig wrangling clothes.

Normally we can get pigs back in pretty easily, but there was an unbelievable grassy area that they just really wanted to hang out in and eat. While attempting to return the boar, another pig got out, and then more, and before long, we had half the pigs out.

I recognized we needed JB, but I didn't know where he was. I knew he said was going to go seed some areas, but he hadn't told me where he was and my phone was in the house, and I was a muddy mess. So I ran up to the house and said to Abigail who was on the front porch: "Ask Isaac to call Daddy on my phone and tell him we need help with the pigs." 

I then went around to the front of the house and saw Isaac come out the front door: "Mom, Dad wants you to know he needs helps with the pigs."

What?! When I wrinkled up my nose and asked him where he got that information from he said, "Well, Abigail came in telling me about pigs. I may have gotten it a bit confused."

Either way, we found JB, and we got all the pigs returned home successfully -- just in time for a huge storm that rolled in causing some flash flooding issues on our swale. 


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