Thursday, March 09, 2017

We Bought a Farm: My Day Hour by Hour!

Today, I took one photo of each hour of our day to document what a typical day looks like for us. Here we go!

No picture for this, but this is when our Daddy heads out the door when he has a shift at the hospital.

Breakfast time. For some reason, this morning, Abigail decided she wanted to play chess with Sidge while they ate their cereal. Breakfast is usually cereal, oatmeal, or eggs in our house. Only Sidge and Hannah will eat eggs. Isaac is allergic to them and Abigail just doesn't like them. C'mon farm girl!

With JB at work and rain/snow about to move in, we had to get the chicken tractor moved this morning. So at 8am I met our current WWOOFer, Amy, and Dad over at the Egg-mobile to move the chickens. This meant getting all the kiddos over to Grama's so she could watch them while we hooked the Egg-mobile up to Dad's truck and relocated it. I can often leave the kids home for a little bit of time if I am close by, but the Egg-mobile was on the other side of the property. 

Grama offered to watch anyone who wanted to stay with her while I went to run some errands. Isaac opted to come with me. We ran back to the house, and while I got my things together, he wandered off to practice piano.

I did two egg drops on my way to grocery shopping and the chiropractor. "Town" is a thirty minute drive from our house. I really try not to to go to town more than 1 or 2 times a week (outside of church on Sundays.)

I am not sure why Isaac is pouting. I bought him one of his favorites: jelly beans! We were snacking on them in the van while we waited to meet our second egg-buyer. I have about ten regular customers that buy their eggs regularly from us. Most of them live 30-60 minutes away from me, so we often figure out places to meet each week to make it easier on all of us. We usually have regular times and days that we meet up.

Grama needed us to pick up a book from the library for her, so we run in and Isaac picks out a few things too. This book is entitled: If You Ever Want to Bring a Piano to the Beach, Don't! No big surprise that Isaac picked out a book related to pianos.

Hannah has started doing some workbooks at home. I found this one at the grocery store, and she loved it! I get her to do them by saying something like: "Now Hannah. This is only for four-year-olds. I don't think you can do it. I think you are too little." She is ALL OVER THAT. And as usual, she is wearing her pajamas in the house. Pretty normal. 

I get in a cleaning kick. While the kids are finishing their schoolwork, I decide to try to organize the school room a bit. We have changed our schedule up a bit here. We are now schooling 2.5 hours a day but going 6 days a week. This seems to work better with the craziness of the farm life. The kids did a few assignments with Grama while I was gone, and they work on the rest after lunch. Normally we like to get most of our assignments done by lunchtime, but every day is different. 

The school room! New and improved! 

Time to move the sheep. Amy and I handle moving the 17 hopefully very-pregnant-ewes together from one paddock to another. We hope our lambs will start joining us in the next three weeks. 
(Photo courtesy of Leah Pellegrini)

Right before dinner, we work on a group school assignment -- it's a review I am working on regarding conversation and communication -- and then it is onto dinner. Mom and I are working jointly on it this evening so she shows up around five to help me get started. While we are cooking, the kids go outside to play. It is a beautiful 67 degrees outside. Hannah actually opted to only play in her skirt (no shirt on.) Since we don't have any male WWOOFers here right now, I just let her at it.

Hannah wearing her favorite "mermaid" skirt and hanging out with Ritter as we finish up dinner. This dog is proving to be absolutely incredible with the kids. He genuinely loves when they lay by him and scratch his belly.

Dinner complete, the kiddos play a game of "who can be the best ___?" Isaac is in charge, and he asked them to be snakes. The last thirty minutes before JB gets home is often chaotic. Hannah has changed again. She's back in the PJ's now.

Our John gets home from his shift. He eats a quick dinner and then puts the kiddos to bed while I type this Blog post. 

See you tomorrow!


Joia said...

Hoping for lambs to arrive while we are there!!! =)

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Very good chance you will see quite a few!!!