Sunday, May 14, 2017

Trip to Indiana/Illinois (Part II)

I'm breaking up our first camping trip into a series of posts. You can go back and read Part I here

We made our first stop at a campground near Indianapolis after about a six hour drive from our home in Eastern TN: Woods-N-Waters Kampground in Columbus, Indiana. The weather was cold and rainy, and we discovered that the water in our camper had a problem. The shower was stuck on, and JB could not get the water to turn off. We opted to just turn the water off in the camper, and despite rainy and wet weather, we had a blast. There was a playground and plenty of space for the kids to ride their bikes (which was one of the best things we packed.) We had brought one of Grama Kit's lasagnas and had that for dinner this evening.

From there, we headed to Michigan City, Indiana and the Michigan City Campground. This was about a four hour drive. We were meeting my parents at this campground. They were going to stay in a cabin right behind our camper. The weather was still very chilly and rainy when we arrived, but we were still just having a blast as a family. My parents weren't arriving until very late that night (and actually the next morning due to a travel nightmare on their end), and we were so excited to see them.

Early the next morning, we connected with my Dad and Mom. JB and the kids stayed at the campground, while we drove two hours each way to my grandfather's military burial. He had been cremated back when he passed away, but his urn was placed in the ground -- where my grandmother will always be someday. It was an absolutely beautiful and dignified ceremony, and I'm so glad I took the time to drive over with my parents. Here were just a few photos I took:

JB and the kiddos took a jaunt over to Lake Michigan. But the weather was still so cruddy that they really only managed one picture before returning to the camper for some good father-kiddo bonding time:

Stay tuned for another update from our trip very soon!

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