Monday, May 29, 2017

Crystal Bowman Reviews

I was first introduced to Crystal Bowman when we adopted Isaac. She is a good friend of Joni VanWyck, and Joni purchased a bunch of Crystal's books to start off a library for Isaac.

Since then, I have written about her books frequently on my Blog.  I am a HUGE fan and just love the sweetness and solid messages in her books. They emphasize children being children and learning to praise God in their childlike way. She also helps take "big concepts" and bring them down onto a child's level.

Here are some past Blog posts I have done about Bowman's books:

Today I want to introduce you to two more Bowman books that you will want to include in your child's library! They are from the "I've Got Questions" series and are both written by Crystal Bowman and Teri McKinley and illustrated by Allie Busby.

Do Baby Bears Have Mommies? (I've Got Questions)

This 30 page book in hard cover format answers all kinds of questions that children would have about animals. Like: why ducks have funny feat and feathers, where mice make their homes, why giraffes are so tall, and what kangaroos keep in their pouches. Here is a sample verse:

Do baby bears have mommies
that give them food to eat?
And when it's cold and snowy, 
do cubs get chilly feet?

Mommy bears feed
baby cubs
with berries, nuts,
or bugs.
They snuggle closely 
in their dens
with warm and 
furry hugs.

Each question is asked on the left side of a two-page spread which includes full color sweetness! These books are fantastic end-of-the-day reads. They are peaceful and uplifting and simply a delight to read with your little ones. Any age child would love these, but I think they are perfect for ages 1-7.

Staying with the same "I've got Questions" theme, this book asks the "bigger" questions about character and values and life that children may have. Here is a sample verse:

I want to make God smile.
I want to make him glad.
What can I do to please him,
so God will not be sad?

The Bible says God loves us,
and God wants your love too.
Thank him for the gifts he gives,
be kind in all you do.

The book is the same size as Do Baby Bears Have Mommies? and includes the same format as this book as well. The question and answer are asked on the left side of the page with beautiful artwork covering both pages.

If you are a grandmother looking for a positive message to send to your new grandchild, take a look at Bowman's books. I promise that you will NOT be disappointed.

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