Saturday, May 20, 2017

This chick

This little girl is continually making us smile. As a non-girly-girl myself, I am truly mesmerized by both my daughters who naturally, with no example set by their mother, like to primp and get dressed up. They want me to wear more dresses and skirts. This past week, Abigail did her own hair. She was so proud of it. She even did hairspray herself. This picture really captures her sweet and serene personality:

In addition, while at our friends David & Natalie's house for weekly "Life Group", Abigail taught herself how to swing on their little playground. (This may have come after I complained a bit about how much I didn't enjoy kid-pushing, and why didn't any of my kiddos pump themselves yet?!) 

What was even more fun was that Natalie had told Abigail she was going to become friends with her at a previous meeting, and Abigail looked at me like: "Mom, this woman has no idea how shy of a kid I am! I don't let anyone be my friend without a fight!" 

But she and Natalie bonded during Abigail's swinging, and they are now fast friends. It's so fun! Last night at Life Group, she was having a conversation with Natalie! Abigail doesn't chat with adults unless she has to or they have worked their way into her club!

Yesterday, I helped set up a group of us from our homeschooling group to meet at a really awesome park about 45 minutes from our house. Abigail kept asking: "Do they have swings?" I couldn't remember, but was pretty sure they did. We were at the park for three hours, and Abigail occupied this swing for nearly the entire period. She only got off for quick snack breaks. She is absolutely loving the power she now has!

Now if she can just teach her older brothers. :)

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