Thursday, May 11, 2017



I was recently contacted by Kwik Stix again with an opportunity to write another review for them. And I was happy to do it.

But this time, the really COOL PART! I get to include a GIVEAWAY TO MY READERS!!!

You know that there are certain things in your house that just cause you to cringe when your kiddos bring it up?! Painting is one of those things for me. So many kids. So many projects. So many messes.

And then there are these awesome paint "sticks." These are solid tempera paint sticks that you just uncap, twist, and paint! They dry in 90 seconds, but the painting dries looking like paint. You don't add water. You don't need paint brushes. You just uncap and color!

They are AP certified (meaning they are non-toxic and perfectly safe for young kiddos!)

And they work beautifully on paper, wood, canvas, cardboard, and many other crafting mediums!

For a mom with four kiddos, this is nothing short of a painting miracle!
Kwik Stix The Pencil Grip, Inc. Review
I love being able to use these and put them right back in the box for easy storage.

Abigail just LOVES these paints.

This chick is a painting machine!

So where can you buy these? You can get them at Target, or FatBrain Toys! They have a pack of 6 solid colors, a pack of 6 Metalix colors, a pack of 6 neon colors, and they also have their ThinStix!

And now, these are also available at!

Want to win a free pack of Kwik Stix for your family? All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your name, email address (so I can contact you), and HOW you would use these. I'll then pick a random winner, and Kwik Stix will send you a pack for yourself!!!


Unknown said...

How cool! I had not seen these, and I am ALL ABOUT art supplies. I will have to check them out for home, church and co-op.
Kim Clark

Anonymous said...

Mia would love these... Rana

Unknown said...

Awesome. Just got a sample this weekend at the conference and would love to have more than just a blue one. :)

emcooper8 said...

My 3yo loves painting already but I think this is something I can help my 1yo to use as well! We mostly paint on paper and cardboard.

Kelli said...

Kelli Dorschel
I would totally use these for my 5 year old artist! I also cringe when I think about getting our traditional paints out (which she asks for regularly)!

Jenny said...

These look so cool! I would use them with my four boys- they look a lot simpler and less messy than regular paints.

Lisa Cronk said...

Woohoo! Mess free painting for my 3 littles.

leina said...

Ever since you wrote about these the first time, I wanted to try them. At home and in my classroom (I asked, but they didn't purchase me any). I'd love to see how colorful they are when dry!

modernmommyreviews said...

I have heard a lot about these and would love to win a set! Thanks for the opportunity!

[Whatever U are, be a good one!] said...

I would love to win these awesome Kwix Stix for my son because he loves painting and drawing!
Thank You for the chance!

Fiona N