Monday, May 22, 2017

Today I turned 40

My good girlfriends from our days in Turkey sent me this shirt -- along with videos, an amazing Snapfish book, and a necklace. Truly, it made my birthday. To be remembered by people you love and receive hugs and cards from your kids, and be told that you matter -- truly, isn't that the only thing we really need on our birthdays?

It was fun to turn 40 because it wasn't just another birthday. It was a BIG day. I have been alive for four decades. And I have four amazing children (and of COURSE an amazing husband) to show for it.

(It was also fun because I have been doing a LOT better emotionally. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!)

I will be going on a cruise with three great friends in a few short weeks to celebrate my big day. But today, I worked the farm. I actually made a big mistake today and as a result, I spent THREE HOURS unwinding some twine form one of our fencing reels. Not exactly great birthday material.

But I was reminded that this was QUITE a decade for me. During the last ten years, I:
  • Had four children.
  • Moved to northern Florida.
  • Moved to Turkey.
  • Spent a quarter of a year in Germany having Abigail.
  • Moved to Portugal.
  • Moved back to the States.
  • Bought our farm.
  • Started homeschooling.
  • Said good bye to an amazing dog and added two wonderful dogs to our family.
  • Had our in-laws join our life. 
  • And of course, got to spend another decade with the love of my life.
Truly, it was a great ten years. It has been a great life. I look forward to this being merely a halfway point (and hopefully not even quite halfway) to the rest of my life. 

Thank you to all of you who remembered me today. It was fun to have a "big deal" birthday today and be remembered by so many people.

Thank you to everyone! Truly I am a blessed woman to have such a wonderful tribe of people surrounding me.


Unknown said...

You look amazing and I'm so happy at your happiness!!!!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday!! You have lived an exciting and adventure-filled life so far, and I'm so glad I have been able to follow along and hear all about it here on your blog. Looking forward to reading about all the next decade brings to my favorite Coach K! :)