Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Doing well

I am doing well.

I am forty now. In case you didn't read my previous posts. I can't believe I am forty. I can't believe I started this Blog in my 20's, and now, I am 40 years old. It actually seems impossible to me. How in the world have I lived four decades?

But age aside, I am also doing very well emotionally. I sincerely appreciate all of you who reached out to me, encouraged me, and prayed for when I hit a wall a few weeks ago.

I continue to seek to be REAL. That is my biggest goal with this Blog. To present myself as I truly am so that no one feels less than they really are.

I learned a lot these last few weeks. Mostly I learned that I have spent my life people-pleasing, and I really feel like God had to get my attention. He wanted to be clear that this was not okay with Him. That I needed to put HIM first. So He got my attention through some intense anxiety that overtook me. (I am not getting into a philosophical discussion over who caused the anxiety in my life. All I am saying is that God used it to wake me up.)

I have decided that I am not going to wait for these rushes of anxiety to take over to deal with what needs to be dealt with. I am working to get a handle on this NOW. God has to come first. He must. People are wonderful, but they will let me down, and I will let them down. I can't become so upset about those situations that I forget my first love.

I have found some really great resources that I plan to share in the upcoming weeks and months. But for now, I will tell you that I am starting to read a new book:

Goliath Must Fall by Louie Giglio. 

If you are interested in reading it with me, let me know, as I plan to start reading it next week with another friend!

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