Friday, May 05, 2017

Friday Funnies

I went to brush Hannah's hair and picked up Abigail's brush.
Hannah: "Mommy. That's Abigail's brush."
Me: "That's okay we can use it."
Hannah: "Okay. Well Abigail is not in here. That's a relief."


"There's toothpaste on the sink. The boys did that. Girls don't spill. Except Abigail."


Hannah to our WWOOFer Jacob: "Why are you not wearing a long-sleeved shirt."
Jacob: "This is a tank-top."
Hannah: "I know but I can see half your arm pit in that shirt."


Hannah to Sidge in the van: "How is your underwear flat if your penis is under it?" (I am still not sure what caused this conversation or what it means exactly?)


I found Hannah outside completely naked.
Me: "What are you doing?"
Hannah: "I had to go potty really badly."
Me: "So you went outside?"
Hannah: "Yes I went outside to poop and pee."
Me: "You pooped outside?"
Hannah: "Yes."
Me: "Where?"
Hannah: "In the front yard."

I explained to Hannah that we don't do this at our house. I also asked JB to talk to her when he woke up from working nights. He told her that the boys go pee outside but never poop and she shouldn't either.

Later that evening I found her outside ... again. She was completely naked yet again.

Me: "What are you doing?"
Hannah: "I am peeing outside. Dad said pee is fine. Poop is not."

We have now set a new rule. Hannah has to go to the bathroom inside. Never knew you had to tell a kid that. Lesson learned.


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