Saturday, December 21, 2013

Our Tender-herated Sidge & Christmas recommendations

Have you seen this cartoon? It's a Disney cartoon from 1954 entitled Johnnie Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet. If you have not seen it, have a look below:

This is one of JB's favorite cartoons, and he played it the other morning for the kids. Halfway through, he realized that Sidge was crying. That little sweetie pie is so sensitive. Anythings sad in a book or a movie will cause him to start crying immediately.

(Although, this cartoon might make some grown adults cry -- try it out!)

Another example? The other day, I took the boys to the theatre on Base to see Walt Disney's: Mickey: Twice Upon a Christmas. It's a series of short cartoons centered around Christmastime. In one of the shorts, Mickey gets mad at Pluto. Pluto runs away, and Mickey can't find him. Sidge has seen this cartoon before, but I still found him putting his head in hands, telling me he didn't want to see it, and crying.

"Sometimes my eyes water when I'm sad," he said.

This morning, Hannah woke up at 5:30am to eat. Sidge, who hasn't been feeling too well, joined me on the couch. We decided to read some Christmas books. We started with a new favorite in our house: John Grogran's: A Very Marley Christmas. 

We checked out a bunch of these Marley books at the Base library, and the boys absolutely love them! They keep asking to read them, over and over again. I'm a huge fan of the original book Marley and Me.  (It was truly one of the funnies and sweetest books I have ever read. The movie was just okay. The book was fantastic. I especially recommend it if you are a dog lover or have ever lived or visited Boca Raton, Florida!) 

These children books are equally sweet and make the boys laugh out loud! (Another great idea if you are looking for a good last-minute Christmas gift. Or, simply check them out at your local library like we did.)

Anyways, earlier this week I organized ALL the kids books in our home. There were so many, and we had them in so many locations. I wanted to be able to find a book that I wanted easily, so I actually organized them a bit. Curious George books in one section. Mickey Mouse in another. Christian-based in another. Christmas books in another.

I asked Sidge to get a book from the Christmas section. He came back with Dr Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  (Sidenote: I had to debate whether to file this with Seuss or Christmas but had decided on the latter.) 

Just ten pages in, and I notice Sidge doing the classic face-covering. I also see his eyes watering.

"What is it, Sidge?" I ask.

"Mom, I forgot about this book. I forgot that this book is sad."

"Why is it sad?"

"Because the Grinch takes Christmas for them. That is sad."


"I think I'd like to not read this book. Can I get another one?'

So he went back to the Christmas stack, The Grinch unfinished, and returned with the book below:

I've recommended Crystal Bowman's books many times on my blog. She is a friend of Joni, and I love the way she takes secular holidays and paints them in a way where Jesus can be glorified. She has quite a few books on Christmas, and I think we have all of them. I strongly recommend them to you as well.

And that one, definitely doesn't make Sidge cry!

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