Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Not free

Last night we attended the Medical Group's Christmas party. We had a lovely evening. I had the opportunity to sit next to my friend Cambrie, I won $40 in a raffle, and just, overall, had a good time hanging out with my husband. Having JB's parents home to watch the kids is so wonderful -- it really allows us to relax and have a wonderful time.

But I want to digress from party discussion to gripe on a pet peeve of mine.

We got our picture taken. We were told it was free. Only afterwards were we told that in fact, it was $5 euro for the CD. And all of the pictures on that CD were in front of a green screen. And if you wanted to have yourself dropped in front of any other scene, you had to pay more money.

The other day, I got offered a cool purchase online. $5 for a set of 7-8 children's books. I read the fine print carefully (or so I thought.) No catches. I purchased. Then I get an email saying my next set of books will follow every 30 days for $20 per set! I immediately emailed the company and told them that I felt I had been deceived. They said I should have known I was joining a book club.

Whatever! If I was joining a book club, the offer should have said that. It shouldn't have said, "Get these 7-8 books for $5" and then put the whole book club thing somewhere in the tiny little print that I couldn't find.

I guess the saying is very true. If it is too good to be true, it really is! I'd love to hear stories from my readers on your biggest "not free" story. Make me feel better folks!

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Judy Woodford said...

I started taking a "by mail" cake decorating course years ago (before internet) and thought the charge was for the whole course but it turned out it was only for the first lesson. I was pretty ticked!! The book club thing is a classic, they do it with movies, adult books, kids books, even recipes, now you know!! =)