Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wee-wind Wednesday

We are headed out this morning to watch a movie at the Base Theatre. Our MOPs group on Base* has been renting out the theatre once a month for moms to bring their young kids to a family friend movie. (I wrote a post here about the awesome $50 rental fee for the Base movie theatre!)

Anyways, headed to movies on Base. Decided to put on one of my new sweaters. Did I mention I got a new sweater? Actually I got about 6 or 7 new sweaters through the other day. 

Big secret: I bought maternity sweaters.

It's one of my biggest finds as a tall girl and you can read all about it by wee-winding to a post I wrote a year ago.  I have discovered maternity shirts, and quite honestly, I plan to shop in the maternity section for the rest of my life. As long as I buy fitted maternity, they are totally long enough in the torso! It's brilliant!

So to all you tall gals out here, I hope you'll rewind with me to past posts regarding being tall including:


*I am not sure I have blogged about the fact that last year, I helped start the MOPs group on Base. However, knowing that four kids was a lot, I willingly handed it over before I had Hannah to an awesome gal named Kris. She is doing a wonderful job leading MOPs. She is, however, heading to Germany to storknest after a surprise miracle pregnancy after years and years of infertility. So ... I am back to heading it up with the help of the lovely Kat until Kris returns. 

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