Friday, December 06, 2013

Hannah: Three months old!

Not the best pictures but the effort it took to take them is more than I am willing to put forth again. So this is all I have right now!

Our little Hannah Joy is no longer just a pomegranate! Now she's a bopping three month old and a certified member of our family! As of today, Hannah ...
  • is sleeping through the night like a champ! Most every night she is in bed before 8pm and not awake until at least 6am (and sometimes even 7 or 8am!)
  • is exclusively bottle-fed. I weaned her about two weeks ago. (She was nursing for an hour and then still taking a bottle of up to 6 ounces.) It has worked out fantastically, and I did it at my own speed with no regrets.
  • is cooing and talking a ton!
  • is smiling a ton and giggling quite frequently.
  • is an easy-to-startle kid. Mannnn she gets mad when she gets scared. That's when she cries the hardest.
  • doesn't really cry when going to sleep at night much at all. We just swaddle her and away she drifts.
  • can sit upright propped by pillows.
  • isn't a huge fun of her swing. Seems to prefer a bouncy chair.
  • loves to stick out her tongue (which Abigail really liked to do too.)
  • hates tummy time.
  • still likes everyone! No preferences right now.
  • seems to be very cool, calm, and collected. 
  • eats around 5 bottles a day ranging from about 5-8 ounces each time.

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