Saturday, December 28, 2013

The pee-pee diaries (Part II)

It was February 26, 2011 that I last potty-trained a child. On that day, JB and I began potty-training two children at the same time. Isaac was closing in on three years old. Sidge was just a month over two. We decided to try both boys, really concentrating on Isaac and seeing if Sidge would follow suit. It worked! Two for the price of one.

Today we decided that it was time for child #3. Abigail is nearing two and a half. We delayed starting because they say not to do it when there is a lot of change. And there has obviously been a lot of change in our household recently.

When we received the news that JB was not going to deploy, we decided that now was the time. I woke up this morning proclaiming, "Today is the day! Today is the day that Abigail wears big-girl panties."

Overall, the day was a success. She wore big girl panties most of the day, and while she often would have an accident before realizing she had to go, once she got to her little potty, she successfully put potty in it three times.

Later in the day, we decided to go see a movie on Base. We therefore put her in a diaper, and while she peed in her diaper, she definitely seemed to understand and acknowledge that she was going.

We chose today because JB has nine days off in a row! At Christmastime, the Clinic attempts to loosen the load on physicians by having the docs work doubly hard for one week so that they can have the next week off.

Time to potty-train!

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