Monday, December 16, 2013

Puzzles and Pouting and Playing

The following three pictures were taken within ten seconds of each other. Here is what each of my kiddos was doing this morning at 10:13am!

PUZZLES: Abigail has become a puzzle MACHINE. Those two twelve piece puzzles in the front of this picture? She did them without ever having done them before and without having watched her brothers do them. She just sat down with the pieces and put this together. My boys NEVER did puzzles like this at this age. In addition, they were very into reading books. Abigail STILL has very little interest in reading no matter how much I try!

POUTING: Here is Hannah sporting her "Little Sister" shirt, lying on the rug, sportin' a 'tude. 

PLAYING: And on the other side of the room? Isaac hanging with Scrubs. Notice the blue camera by his side. He absolutely LOVES to take pictures with this camera. He is also playing with Sidge's legos. The two of them have really been getting into legos -- something they have never previously, showed much interest in.

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