Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What would you do?

My mission was this:

And with online instructions because who knows where the instructions wandered off to (what did we DO before the Internet?) I managed to accomplish this:

Although, somehow I ended up with these pieces leftover (but it still looked pretty good): 

And a little girl who was jealous that she wasn't in on the picture:

Now the bigger question? We've already had one complete crash and burn and a need to start-over. So do you glue the pieces together to prevent crashing? Or do you allow him to crash and rebuild? I mean, I'm pretty sure he's at least a year away from being able to follow the directions himself. Advice lego mommies?


Unknown said...

This is the reason I refuse to buy legos anymore. One drop and they fall to pieces. And I am the one trying to put them back together and usually there are pieces missing each time. I do think if we glue them it would be better.

Anonymous said...

We never glued them together. Ryan learned to be very careful with his creations if be didn't want them to break. Flying the pieces takes away the chance to create something different with them.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't glue the pieces together. That way if they want to build something else they can. The problem my boys have is they refuse to build something different with them and won't let me combine all the pieces into one big bucket. Peter NEVER plays legos and Mitchell will build the kit and then not play with it. He uses his large bucket of random pieces more than playing with any kits. One of these days I'm going to dump them all together or sell them. Probably an easier solution for you is to buy kits that are small with few pieces (usually the small boxes) that Sidge can put together himself (or that won't take long for you to help him). There are 3-in-1 kits too.


Debbie said...

The extra pieces that you ended up with are actually supposed to be just that. They always give extra pieces with every set just in case some get lost. Although the handcuffs could be used as another set for more Lego "bad guys."

Dana said...

We only glued them together for my oldest son when he got collectible sets like star wars and Harry Potter and he was around 10-12 years old. He wanted to display them like models more than play with them. My younger son who is 9 would be devasted if we glued any of his together since he loves coming up with new designs combining different sets. We do try to keep the various sets in different small containers (like Gladware or recycled butter tubs ect).