Monday, December 02, 2013

Monday K.I.S.S.: Within Reach

Today's Mom K.I.S.S.:
    Put their stuff within their reach!
    As soon as my boys were old enough to dress themselves, I put stuff where they could reach it. In our house, their short-sleeved shirts are on one shelf, their long-sleeved on another. Shorts are on one shelf. Pants on another. When I tell the boys to get themselves dressed, I simply say "It's a cold day. Pick out a shirt from the long-sleeved section." or "Pick out a long pants today." They then go in, pick something and off they go.
Girls? Not so easy. Too many colored skirts and tights and mismatching shirts. But for boys? Easy peezy since most of their pants are blue jeans or khakis or black pants that go with everything!

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