Saturday, December 28, 2013

Portable North Pole

If you haven't seen the PORTABLE NORTH POLE VIDEOS you MUST check them out! I absolutely LOVE them. It is so fun to watch my kiddos expressions when they hear Santa talking to them. Here are the three videos I did for them this year:

Merry Christmas Abigail
Merry Christmas Sidge
Merry Christmas Isaac

These videos are completely free! Of course, if you want to pay money, they certainly provide you opportunity to add features and do that. But I resisted the urge and stayed with the free version.

Two funnies. One is that while Abigail watched her video, I asked her, "Is Santa going to say you were good or bad?" She knew exactly what I meant, and with all seriousness she replied, "BAD!" I then asked her again, in a different way, if she was going to be on the nice list. She shook her head, repeatedly, no. Smart kid! :)

Secondly, Sidge. I really wanted Santa to say the name "Sidge" because it is what he prefers to be called. But I wasn't sure if I could pull it off. Your name has to be a name that they have in their "database of names" so that it is pronounced correctly. I chose "Sage" because it was pretty close, and it worked! It totally sounded like Sidge, and our little "Elijah" didn't think anything of the slight twang Santa used to say his name.

I know people have their debates over Santa Clause, and I appreciate them and respect them. But I, personally, think that Christmas can be celebrated with an emphasis on Christ while still allowing children to believe in make believe. I love that they are young enough to pretend and not see things like grown-ups. That will only happen for a short time.

I still remember walking into Sidge's room during a nap. He was standing up, staring at the mirror on the closet. "Mom," he said. "I tried to get through the mirror, and I just couldn't." He was trying to do what Mickey had done in one of his cartoons. And I remember being sad because there will come a day when he won't try to walk through the mirror anymore.

And I'll be sad when that day comes.

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Susan said...

I agree with you about celebrating the birth of Christ while still having Santa Claus. That's the way we raised our boys and they grew up knowing the real 'reason for the season' yet still Santa Claus was a part of their childhood. We have a 2 year old granddaughter and her parents don't 'do Santa'. It breaks my heart that we can't say - did you go talk to Santa?, etc. Our daughter-in-law didn't grow up with Santa so our granddaughter won't either. I respect their decision, but still don't completely understand it.