Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Wediculous Wind!

It's nearly impossible to depict wind in words or video. You have to feel wind and hear wind and be in the wind to truly appreciate it.

Either way, it has been "winding" here for over twenty-four hours now. It's funny because if we were in the USA, this storm, these winds, would mean empty store shelves and constant watching of the Weather Channel.

But here, it is the norm. The locals don't even flinch at these winds. They don't tie up outside patio furniture or worry about flying debris. They just live in it and are used to it.

And you know, somehow, I think I am too.

There's no avoiding going out in weather like this because the weather is like this so frequently. You just "do the next thing." You take the boys to Awanas and go to the grocery store with two little girls by yourself.

Here is my attempt at a video of the weather on our little island over the last twenty-four hours. (And believe it or not, they are saying it is going to continue and even get worse over the next few days!)

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