Monday, December 23, 2013

The doggie hack

Three kiddos napping.

Or at least resting. Abigail still sleeps but the boys rarely do.

Even still, every day at around 1:30pm they go to their quiet place for book reading. It is 1.5 to 2 hours of quiet time for me.

In theory.

A new baby doesn't time so well with nap time. Somedays I get her nap to coordinate. But not always. This day, she is still awake when her older siblings go down. But I have hopes that we might get just a little bit of overlap.

I feed Hannah her bottle. Then we play. Then she is ready to go to sleep.

I put Hannah to bed.

Four kiddos napping.

Or at least resting.

I am lying down on the couch.

My head is inches from the pillow, literally, when I hear it.

The Scrubs "hack."

I know what this means. He is going to throw up. It starts with two gags. By the third gag, food always comes up. Usually lots of it. Food and whatever foreign object has most likely caused the gagging to occur.

Baby nipples, socks, and last week a rock was the culprit.

A rock? Seriously? Who eats rocks?

I jump up from the couch as if in slow motion. I am running for him. He is standing by the sliding glass door, and I am determined to catch him before the third hack. I am determined to open up the door and push him outside so that throw-up can be outside and not inside, and ...

I am moving in slow motion.

The hacks are coming way too fast.

I won't make it.

I reach for the door just as ...

... all over the floor.

There are just way too many bodily fluids in this house.

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