Monday, December 09, 2013


JB and his Mom walked over to our friend Josh and Rebekah's house yesterday. When they returned, a little puppy was tagging behind them. 

I had no idea what to do next so I posted on the local Yardsale page -- our main means of communication with other Americans here on the island. The gal who runs the Base Kennel, Dale, replied and said my first step was to bring her up to Base and see if had a microchip. 

I knew instantly that I was in over my head. I am doing great with my four little kiddos and big dog but know that adding any other responsibilities right now is not a good idea. I have four little kids and none of us feel good and I just didn't have the time to devote to this little lass. I decided to be honest and say so and within a few hours we had a home for this little gal. Dale was AMAZING in helping facilitate a transfer to a young airman who lives around the corner from us who has been wanting to adopt. I can't say enough about what she and the other ladies on this island do to help abandoned/stray animals.

Apparently she is a Cão Fila de São Miguel and a young airman on Base has decided to take her on, look for her family, and if they can't find one, adopt her! Yipeee!!!! 

The kids LOVED playing with her, and we enjoyed getting to feed her and give her a good warm place to sleep off a huge rain storm. Isaac named her "Sassy" (which is the cat's name in Homeboard Bound). Scrubs did fantastically with her (as he does all dogs), but in the end, I've done a puppy, and goodness knows I know better than to think adopting another one is a good idea right now! I only plan on getting another dog if I know good and well, I can spend the time that dog needs to have a great life. 

Hopefully Sassy will have a great life with her new airman!

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