Tuesday, December 03, 2013

All the way from Germany!

Shane and Linda brought many wonderful treats to our isolated family. But three things they bought specifically for me, that I love immensely, included the following:

These truffles are by far my favorite chocolate ... ever! I've never seen them anywhere but Germany, although I assume you might be able to get them somewhere else. You must place them in your mouth and let them melt there. Perfection!

I made the mistake of allowing Abigail to try one of these. She now goes around making the sign for "please" and saying "hippo" over and over and over again! They are scrumptious. Okay, so, yes, I once asked Shane to bring "stuffed chocolate German men" instead of happy hippos. But he figured it out.

You know those Bisciotti cookies they hand out on airplanes? This is a spread made out of these! Looks like peanut butter but so different and so scrumptious!

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