Monday, June 08, 2009

Things I did today (in no particular order)

  • Got Elijah his four month shots. I hate when kids do the silent cry -- where their face turns red and you know the scream is coming. Breaks me heart.
  • Got a little frustrated when they told me I'd have to come back for one of the things I needed at the immunization clinic! Ugh! I had timed this perfectly so my Dad could watch Isaac when I went. Now I have to figure it all out again.
  • Watched Lisa's two kids -- what sweeties they are! Watching older kids feels so easy after being with little kids all day.
  • Ate a delicious dinner cooked by my husband after he came home from a long day on call.
  • Got to see my hubby briefly at work while Elijah got his shots.
  • Played Tetris with my Dad (more than one time).
  • Ate macaroni and cheese for lunch.
  • Read part of my book while I gave Isaac a bath.
  • Talked to my buddy Kristi on the phone.
  • Fed Elijah seven bottles and Isaac two bottles.
  • Cheered Isaac on as he drank one whole "bottle" from his cuppie!
  • Took a three mile jog with Scrubs at 3pm. (Woah was it hot out -- even for me!)
  • Changed a lot of diapers.
  • Hugged all my boys (Scrubs included) a lot.


Katie said...

Out of in the world did you read while giving Isaac a bath??? :) I'd like to know the trick!--Katie

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

THANKS so much! E and B loved their time with y'all. The hightlight of their day was lots of mac-n-cheese for lunch! What a treat! :) Thanks for serving us so well. Sorry all your shots didn't work out as planned.

Jenny said...


Sounds like a good day (except for the shot thing...)!

Yep, I sneak in an article or two during bath time also. Sanity saving.

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Katie, I was Isaac, then he plays for about 15 minutes while I read! It's great. You can't do this when they are really little but if they like to play int he bath, it works great!

Katie said...

Thanks for the idea! I think I'll try that soon! :)

Joy Z said...

Go Tetris! My all-time favorite video game, and the only one I'm good at.

Good for you reading a book, I wish I had thought of that a few children ago...oh the books I could've read. hehe