Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bit of a teaser

I can't load my photos until I get home, but Holly had these photos on Facebook today. Isn't technology grand? Much more to come, I promise! I leave early in the morning to head home.

Kelly and Elijah

Me, Kelly, and Holly (and Ashley off to the side)

Our whole gang minus the husbands (and Isaac)
It was so great to see old friends. We also had a bbq at Bob and Mary's this evening which was great fun too. I'll fill you in more after my day of travel tomorrow.


mom h said...

How fun! I bet you guys had a ball!!!

crazystegmamaof4 said...

Well, I knew you girls would get the pics up online before me! Hopefully tonight I'll get mine downloaded and send them on to you, Wen. I have some cute ones of Ash trying to pinch Elijah :) It was sooooo great seeing ya, Wen...and to finally meet one of your boys...well, it was a special moment. I loved holding Elijah...he is a doll...a mini JB doll :) Hope you have a non-eventful trip back today. I'm sure you're other boys back at home missed you! Love ya!