Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Four months old

Our little Elijah Luke celebrated four months on this earth yesterday by taking a plane flight from New York to Nashville and then a car ride from Nashville to Eglin.

However, he chose to celebrate in other ways too! On the day of the wedding, our little guy rolled over for the first time. Unfortunately, Dad and Mom were running around the hotel room like mad people and only had time to say, "He rolled over! Holy cow!" But he has since done it numerous times. All back to stomach and all over his typical right shoulder, but still. We are way proud of him for this major accomplishment.

I have fallen so deeply in love with this little guy. I did have to wonder how I could ever love anyone as much as Isaac, but somehow, I do. It is truly as if I have two separate hearts -- each one filled with love individually for these two little boys.

One thing that we always say about Elijah is that he can go from happy to furious in a matter of milliseconds. Want proof? The picture below was taken mere seconds after the picture above!

Elijah continues to chunk up like crazy. He is still taking 7 -- 6 ounce bottles a day. That is 42 ounces. Dr. G. says he is catching up but that he should be closer to 30. I have tried to cut him down to 5 ounces a feed, but he figures it out and demands an eighth by the end of the day.

He is on a pretty good schedule. He usually eats at 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm and then sleeps through the night. But somewhere in there, he will squeeze an extra feed. He usually decides when that will be.

Elijah is different from Isaac in many ways. For one he doesn't spit up quite as much as his big brother did. He also likes being with us a lot more than Isaac did. Isaac could sit in his swing all day long. Elijah can do that as well IF you are in the room with him. He really likes someone hanging out with him.

As for the brother relationship, Elijah loves to watch Isaac and laugh at him. Isaac makes a kissing noise everytime he sees Elijah indicating that he wants to kiss his head. It's way cute. I really enjoy seeing them together and can't wait to watch them grow up as brothers.

Happy four months on this earth little Elijah! You and Isaac are an amazing blessing in my life.


gramma di said...

Wen, the one pic of him crying, he really looks like Isaac. Rolling over! Does that mean he'll walk early or late? Isaac rolled over late and walked early so.....No way to figure it out. Just enjoy.
You guys are awesome.

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

WOW...he has gotten big! :)

The pics remind me of my son. You can steer that in the right direction and it will good PASSION for Good things! :)

TAV said...

Elijah spits up LESS than Isaac?!?!?! I find that hard to believe! (as does my dress) :)

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

It's true Tara. You should have SEEN Isaac. Elijah is still WAY behind him!

Jess said...

I thought, too, before you even said so that he was chunking up!! YAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Wendi, Elijah looks like YOU.

Anonymous said...

What a doll!