Sunday, June 28, 2009

Splash Pad and more

Saturday was a way fun day!

It started with breakfast: (check out the Cheerio stuck to Isaac's face in the first photo)

After breakfast, we headed to the Splash Pad on Base. Bri and Joan had bought new suits for the boys. The shirt Isaac has on actually has SPF protection built in. How cool is that? Anyways, we needed to try out the suits, so off we went!

After the Splash Pad, we hit the park next to it. Isaac and Bri had a ton of fun playing while Joanie fed Elijah and I relaxed!

We made a quick stop at the BX before heading home so both boys could take naps and we could watch Wimbledon. After the naps were over, it was time to head out again. First, we stopped at Publix to pick up some ingredients for Joan to make her awesome lasagna, picked up a sub for JB, and took it to him at the hospital as he is on call today. Isaac got to ride in a "car cart" for the first time. He thought it was way cool. Of course, we still needed two carts to get both kids around.

We then headed up to the residency room to bring JB his lunch/dinner! He was really hungry. While he ate, Isaac ran around playing with his newfound obsession: water bottles. I have no idea where he found this one. (Someone is going to be missing it come Monday!)
After that, we headed back home. Bri got these great pics of Scrubs while Joanie was cooking:

Joanie took a cooking break to give Elijah a bottle while Bri played with Isaac and I got some cleaning up done:
It is so wonderful having Joan and Bri here with me this weekend. JB had a very long week at work, and Isaac hasn't quite been himself today. Just a little more cranky than normal. I think I may have broke down in tears on more than one occasion today if it wasn't for the extra hands. God always knows what we need before we even need it. Bri is fantastic with Scrubs. She has a real gift with dogs. He loves her. And both Joan and Bri have been helping with both the boys so much.

It is also soooo great for Isaac to get to spend some time with Bri. We feel so blessed that she is in our life and so interested in being a part of Isaac's life. We know as he gets older this relationship will be a great blessing to both of them. Bri is such a beautiful person (both inside and out). She seems so happy and excited about life and everything she is doing, including being Isaac's birthmom.

I wish they weren't going home on Monday!


Anonymous said...

You can see the resemblance between Isaac and Bri in some of the pictures, now that he's looking more grown up. And Elijah is really chubby now!!!
have fun!!

AW said...

Bri, you look fabulous! So cool to see y'all so involved in each others really is a blessing!