Saturday, June 27, 2009

Let the picture-fest begin!

Joan and Bri arrived yesterday afternoon around 2:30. This means lots of conversation, lots of fun, and of course, lots of pictures! Joan actually takes more photos than Joia. I know it doesn't seem possible, but it's true! We are so excited to get to have Bri here to spend some time with Isaac as the two of them haven't seen each other since October. It seems impossible to pick my favorite photos, but here are just a few (okay, so it's a lot more than a few) from our Friday together.

Bri and Isaac wrestling on the floor.

This isn't a great photo of Isaac, but I just love it of Bri. Doesn't she just look beautiful?

Reading a book.

Eating a snack.

Elijah in his swing.

A close-up of E. in his swing. Elijah loves his swing as long as you don't leave him alone by himself. He likes someone close to him at all times!

Isaac playing with the cooler that Joan brought dinner for us in. A variation of her awesome chicken divan!

Isaac playing with his puzzles.

Bri brought Isaac this Sopnge Bob bucket. He loved it!

And put it on his head quite a bit.

Another head shot!

Joanie and Isaac.

Isaac was obsessed with Bri's pink suitcase.

Since it has been too hot to run with the boys, I took advantage of my company and got out for a run with Scrubs. Here's Isaac drying me off.

Isaac reading Elijah his favorite dinosaur book.

Isaac drinking from my cup. He loves to do this.

"Okay everybody, listen up. I want to drink out of a bottle not a cuppie. Is that so hard to understand?!"

Scrubby peeking on Isaac in the bathrub.

Isaac taking a bath while Joanie snapped away.


::Traci:: said...

Such an amazing story you have ... I love these photos ...

Anonymous said...

Great shots-keep 'em coming and have a great visit:)
love to all,
mom k

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for these!!! Thanx Joan. What took you so long!! Looks like a fun week end.

Jess said...

Oh my goodness!! I don't think I know (or remember, sorry if that's the case) what Isaac's bio dad looks like, but MAN I think he looks like Bri! I love the pics of them together! :)

Anonymous said...

That close-up of Elijah looks soooo much like JOHN! He is putting some meat on too! Elijah I mean! tante jan