Friday, June 19, 2009

The bullets of our lives

Thought I would quickly catch you up to speed on what has been going on in our lives. As always, I turn to bullets. They seem to do the trick very well.

  • JB has been on a very hard rotation. Very long hours. He is up by 5am and isn't usually home until at least 7pm. Last night he got home a little bit earlier (6:30). We decided to grab some Burger King (the only drive-thru on base) and let Isaac play at the water park on base. Isaac loved it. This is the third time we have gone, and each time, he has dared to get a little more wet. It is so fun watching him play but so hard watching him grow up so fast. Elijah seemed to enjoy watching big brother romp.
  • Please say a prayer that I do not kill my dog. He has just been driving me batty. Just going through a little annoying phase. Add to that the fact that he has thrown up three times in the last two days, and he's on shaky ground with me. Albeit, the throw-up was probably my fault. Each bout seemed to follow a hot run. I've been doing three miles, and while Scrubs can handle the distance, I am not sure he can handle the heat. John has told me not to run him for a few days to see if he starts feeling better.
  • Tomorrow is our eleventh wedding anniversary. We have a busy day tomorrow with a birthday party and residency party so we are going to go out this evening. Brittney R. has graciously offered to watch both boys so that we can celebrate this evening at Kuvee Beach! I can't wait. We first went to Kuvee during our first few months here on Base, before children joined our life. A lot has changed since that first outing.
  • I have been taking out and putting away clothes nearly constantly. Elijah barely spent anytime at all in the 3 month or 3-6 month clothes. He has jumped to 6 month and is busting out of most of those. Yesterday I got out 6-9, and I plan to get 9 out in the next week. Yes, he is four months old, but I think he has found his eating groove. I cannot tell you how much happier and more content he is now that he is eating well. And how much fatter he is getting!
  • We are preparing for a bunch of company starting next weekend. Isaac's birth mom Bri and her Mom are coming in for a long weekend. Then my brother Keith and his wife AD and new daughter Charleigh are coming in for the 4th of July weekend followed by JB's brother Matt and his wife Danielle. We will then take two weeks off of company before heading to Colorado where JB will attend a Conference. July will be jam-packed. The good news is that August is currently very quiet.
  • Despite JB being gone very long hours, I am really doing well with both babes. I have found that as long as I do not try to venture out of the house too much (I limit my activities to no more than one a day and no more than 3-4 a week), I stay stress free. While our routine is constantly changing, I am finding that things that used to overwhelm me (both boys crying at once, both boys needing to eat at the same time, simultaneous dirty diapers) are now things that I can handle fairly easily. Practice does make perfect. Thanks for the prayers and encouragement. I am doing great!


Mom H said...

Sorry about scrubby Wen. I don't know how you handle a 3 mile run in the middle of the day. It's cooler by you than by us but it's brutal in the afteroon. Scrubby may have to take up swimming. When you see the pics of him and Isaac, it sort of makes it all worth it. They are such sweet buds.

yuan family said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a great night tonight.

Beth Mann said...

You had me laughing OUT LOUD because your post resembled mine so much, with all the rambling thoughts and all, though I prefer dashes to bullets :) Hope you and the hubby have a fantastic anniversary :)

Kelli said...

Hope you enjoy a romantic night out reminicing about the last 11 years!! Happy Anniversary!

The Woodfords said...

A very Happy Anniversary to you both! Enjoy your evening out tomorrow!