Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's been awhile . . .

. . . since I did a picture post. So, here you go!

First some pics of Elijah, both awake and asleep, showing big brother that he ain't the only one with some big time chubbiness to brag about.

My Aunt Allyson gave Isaac a doctor kit many months ago. He plays with it often, but recently, he has decided that the stethoscope should be worn around his neck, at all times! Seriously he goes everywhere with it on his neck. It really is cute.

Dog and boy continue to be the best of pals. We have really been trying to teach Isaac that some things just aren't nice to do to Scrubby (ex. pull his ears.) Scrubs continues to take a beating as we work out the details. You can see in the first picture that, yes, Isaac is sitting on his back. And in the second he goes in for a hug.

And last but not least, proof of the stethoscope AND the fact that Isaac had been completely weaned. We are solely on the cup now! He was close when I left for Chicago, and we thought we could use the few days without Elijah and his bottles around to solidify the cup. It worked! I put the bottles away for good after returning from Chicago a few days ago.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Elijah doesn't even look like the same baby after moving to formula!!!. He went from cute skinny baby to cute chubbo

Anonymous said...

Love that one of Isaac loving Scrubby.....they are all so cute.
Thanx Wen

Anonymous said...

I miss Elijah already. He's so precious. I really hate that we don't get to be around while the babies grow up.

Aunt Linda

yuan family said...

I love seeing pictures of your two boys...they are so cute!

Jessica said...

That picture with Isaac going in for the hug with his eyes closed is one of the most precious pictures ever!!! So sweet. Can you tell I am really behind in your blog. I am catching up now!!! Love, Jessica (Joia's SIL)