Monday, June 22, 2009

In love

I found this pic on Joia's blog and it made my heart smile to see it. Isaac is swinging with Joia's husband Philip and laughing with his hot rosey cheeks. I am so madly in love with this little boy that somedays it makes me want to cry.

Isaac is growing up so fast. He says "Daddy" like a pro now (no sign of "Mommy" anywhere in sight), and likes to say "apple" for anything that he might possibly be able to eat. Anytime you sit on the floor he crawls all over you, so happy that you have joined his world. He smiles from ear to ear (and his little dimple emerges) when you push his little duck's belly to play "twinkle twinkle little star" and lights up all over when he sees JB drive up at the end of a workday or even just a quick run out for milk. He gives Elijah kisses quite regularly and even tried to give him a book today by setting it atop Elijah's head. He will eat nearly any food you give him and still gets teary eyed when he realizes that the bottle we are bringing out is for Elijah and not him. He can semi-run now and even though his little bow-legs (which we've been told are within the normal range) cause him to fall, he quickly gets up to try again. He loves to be tickled and held upside down and thinks slamming his hands on the dryer is the greatest game ever.

Thank you Chris and Bri for choosing us to be the parents of this little boy -- it has forever changed our lives. We will never, ever be the same because of our Isaac.


ErieContrary said...

I CANNOT believe how quickly Isaac has gone from a "baby" to a "little boy!" He's precious!

Anonymous said...

"So precious you want to cry!" pretty well describes it. It warms my heart any time I get to see pictures of your two boys. Can't wait to play with them on Fri.
Love, Joan