Friday, November 28, 2008

Great food; great company

Sometimes the pictures can say it better than I can. Here's some visuals of our Thursday Thanksgiving!

Our gang. From left: Joia, my Dad Georgi, my mom Diane, me, JB, John, and Becky. Not pictured is Philip (who is taking the photo) and Keenan and Isaac who were both taking naps during dinner.

Our great meal including a lamb and turkey. JB did an awesome job on the meal and Joia and Becky contributed some potatoes and broccoli casserole. I am so glad our dog has learned that counter surfing would get him in very serious trouble. He will stretch but will not get up onto the counter, thank goodness! :)

Dessert which includes a peanut butter chocolate pie via Becky, a turtle pumpkin pie via Joia, an apple pie and an apple quince pie via JB, and the most amazing chocolate Oreo "tree" bark! (I love that stuff!)

Isaac with his Thanksgiving meal: Green beans. He really likes them!

My mom and Isaac, bonding over green beans.

Look closely -- there are some green beans on his forehead. :)

My Dad enjoyed all of Thanksgiving -- especially his hourly naps and my t-shirt blanket which is plenty big for him to completely get under.

Becky, Joia, Philip (with Keenan)

Aaaahhh -- this is the life!

Or is this the life? Very content after a very good dinner.

Keenan trying to see the "goggie" (aka scrubs) after dinner. Keenan and Scrubs are big buddies.

Isaac has been infatuated with cups lately. Here's JB giving him a sip of water.

Before bed, Isaac and my Mom did some reading.

Keenan and Isaac in the best picture I could get of two squirming kids.

Isaac again, complete with green beans on the forehead.

Becky with Isaac. That's a new toy Isaac is holding. My Dad and Mom brought it for him. We have no idea what it is -- a satellite? -- but he loves it!

Also, feel free to jump over to Joia's blog for her "rememberances" of the day as well. We had such a wonderful time with our family and friends. What a blessed day and what a wonderful "first Thanksgiving" for our little boy.


Anonymous said...

Wish we were there:)Wish you were here! Either way, looks like all had a wonderful day:)
Love the pictures of your mom and Isaac- Give him an extra squeeze from me,Di!
have a great day,
mom k

Anonymous said...

The kid is going to be bruised, I keep squeezing him Mar!! Wish you guys could have been here too. It was a wonderful relaxing day for all except JB!! Lady Di

Rachel said...

very nice!! Will you email me? I thought i had your email address and can't seem to find it. I'm @
Maybe you could delete this when you email me?? Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Isaac and your mom look a lot alike!! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

A non-counter surfing DAL? Oh my how on earth did you get one of those? LOL He is being so patient with that food table what a GREAT DOG he is. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time with plenty of goodies to eat.

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

Email me too!
I have lost your email as well and wanted it the other day.
Let me know if you don't have mine.
Thanks Wendi!
Looks like y'all had a YUMMY and fun time! :)