Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Fest

One thing I will miss ... forever ... when we finally leave the military community are all the free activities they offer on Base! There are so many offerings and nearly always, they are completely free! The Child Development Center (CDC) offered a "Pumpkin Fest" for kids under 5 last week. Joni and I took the kiddos, and they had a wonderful time! They especially love visiting the CDC because they don't normally spend much time there, and they therefore love seeing all the new toys there are to play with.
So ... Pumpkin Fest. First up, time to paint some pumpkins.
I think I was saying, "Yellow can't be YOUR favorite color Sidge. It's MY favorite color." Sidge loves him some yellow. (Although when he was done painting with yellow he turned to the woman helping and said, "Could I have some blue? That's my other favorite color. And now some green? That's my other favorite color too."

Isaac is not usually very into crafts -- so I was really excited to see him getting into the pumpkin painting.
Next up? Time to meet the classroom bunny. (I don't think this was part of the scheduled activities but the lady felt bad continuing to say no to my kiddos who wanted to hold that bunny so badly.)
Sidge and "Sir Hopsalot" getting along really well.

 Until Abigail moved in and went straight for Sir Hopsalots ears. Poor bunny!
You never have to worry about Isaac being gentle. I am not sure Isaac, in four years on this Earth, has ever hurt another person or animal physically. It's just so not in his nature.
All righty. Time to move outside for some beanbag games:


Isaac and Sidge playing. 

Super patient big brother giving little lady a turn. 

She got it in the whole every time! 
Sweet girl.
And what would a Pumpkin fest be without goodies?! We painted our own cookies:
First we decorate them.
And then we eat them. (Isaac doesn't like cookies so I ate his share.) 
Joni didn't get a lot of pictures of the kiddos playing with toys (since she was so busy playing with them) but she did snag this one of Abigail with a baby doll. I continue to be amazed how different a little girl is from little boys:

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