Wednesday, October 03, 2012

What is growing in your kitchen?

I realized, when Aunt Connie arrived, how little I know about what is present in my own kitchen. For example, Connie asked me what the item pictured below was. 

My answer was an easy one. "I have no earthly idea."

In order to discover what the unknown item is, I have to ask my husband. He will gladly tell me what the unfamiliar item is. But I'm busy. I forget. In one ear and out the other.

But my husband has a blog. And that blog will give descriptions of what is growing on my counter. So now all I have to do is scroll down on the blog and look for a picture of what is on my counter, and then I will get a description of what the item is.

An example. Item above? Milk Kefir.

I love my husband. I love how unique he is. I love how his interests are so varried and different. I love bantering with him about the fact that there is so much fermentation everywhere  in our house. I love that when he is making things just for himself, they will come out looking like this:

I don't love that there are so many jars of this floating around the house. Only because (a) they have nothing to do with chocolate and (b) because they take up so much room.
But they make him happy, and so I to nag about them as little as possible:

And this, on the counter. I'd never look at Sour Kraut and use the words: "Isn't it beautiful?" but that's exactly what JB said when the finished product was complete.

And JB makes a good point. Since I don't cook, how can I complain about what is in my kitchen. I don't think it actually qualifies as my kitchen. And since I have no desire to cook, I think I'll work on complaining less.

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