Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Girl Style

I love that my little girl has her own style. I don't know if it is a good or bad style. But I find myself eating up the fact that she has an opinion on what shoes she wears and hat she puts on. She also loves to dance, and if you click here you will see her dancing to the her favorite song -- The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Dog Dance -- with two different shoes that she found in her "to-grow-into-box" in her closet. (Please ignore the fact that her brothers are beating each other -- and her -- up during the dance. Merely an incidental.)
Her favorite shoes, currently are these pretty little sandals. I remember seeing these at the Thrift Store in Turkey for $2 right after she was born. And I remember thinking, "You shouldn't buy these. They aren't practical. She won't be able to walk in them or won't like to wear them." But I also remember thinking they were so stinkin' cute, and I just needed  to buy them, knowing that if she didn't end up wearing them I could probably resell them for what I paid. Well, the chick loves the shoes. Every morning after I change her diaper, she goes to her shoe drawer and picks out shoes to put on. (Even though I think kids should walk around bare feet -- despite the fact that the Turkish individuals believe shoeless activity causes gas.) She usually picks these sandals. She loves them. She wears them all the time. Oh, and by the way Aunt Linda, Aunt Connie believes that little Abigail has your toes. What do you think?

Hats are continually in and out of fashion. Here she is trying on one of her big brother's Cars hats.

And here she is showing the huge boo-boo on her nose that is definitely not in fashion but was obtained from an unsuccessful step down the two stairs leading to our driveway.

 It's not easy to see it in the picture, but that is one HUGE egg above her right eye -- courtesy of a fall from a stool in the kitchen that she insists on climbing whenever my back is turned.

Mom's shirt, pink high tops (which I love but she doesn't pick out on her own if I am being honest), and the scraped nose. A great combo I doeth thinketh. 

This pink shirt was given to us by our friend Casey who believed she must purchase for me the most girly thing she could find. Abigail decided to add the hat and two different shoes to make the outfit complete. (She actually, now, almost always, brings me too matches. This has become important to her.) 

Our pool is nearly non-swimmable these days. It's so stinkin' cold. Sidge still wants to get in on occasion, and if Abigail is out there with us, she will usually decide to strip down and take a dunk. This jump in was all her idea, but you can tell how unsure she was of her decision once in the 63 degree water. 

Having a conversation with Scrubby: No Scrubby. That may look like a hat on my head but it is actually a bikini bottom that is doing double duty. Isn't it all the rage? 

 Ummm, Scrubby. Could you wake up and check out my outfit, and the two swimsuits I wish I could put on but I just don't have enough bodies to utilize?

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Anonymous said...

Awwwww, I Love this post!! Abigail is amazing!! LOVE her spunk and her originality :)...she is gonna be a fun one to watch grow up!! Watch out fellas, she has a mind of her own and dont mess with her!!! Wendi, your blog is SO SO special and so are you, Love Ya, Nancy