Sunday, October 21, 2012

Night AWAY

If I am remembering correctly, the last time I spent a night away from all my kids was back in Turkey, when I was 25 weeks pregnant with Abigail. (JB and I left the boys with Veronica and spent six days in Spain with Dan and Angelica.)

So needless to say, a little break was long overdue. Connie and Joni thought so too because they basically "told" us to book a hotel and get out of dodge. All right. We will. We did. Spent the night in Angra at this beautiful hotel. Sat and talked over pre-dinner drinks and then a delicious dinner, hung out at the hot tub, and then slept until 9:15, ate breakfast, and returned to bed for another hour nap!


Thanks ladies for holdin' down the fort. What a blessing a one-day break is!

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Anonymous said...

I think i could swim in that pool!! :) tante jan