Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pre-Halloween Dress-Up

On Saturday, our friends Nick & Kristy had a birthday party for their two-year-old son Jonah. They decided to go off the Curious George costume party story, and they therefore asked all the kids to dress up. We decided this would be a perfect practice attempt for Halloween festivities.
So first, we needed to get our little bumblee ready. Joni gave her this outfit. She is, however, not a fan of the itchy material, and started making the sign for "all done" nearly immediately (despite a little undershirt to help cut down the scratchiness.)

She looks content here with my homemade bee antennaes but that is only because we brought out bribery to try and get a photo.
Here she is acting quite miserable:
Brother Sidge in his costume ... he wanted to be a Chef:

And here they are, the three of them: Clifford, a Bumbleebee, and a Chef (being bribed with gummy worms.)

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