Tuesday, June 20, 2017

19th Anniversary

Today is the 19th anniversary of being married to the greatest man in the world. I don't say that just to say it. I truly mean it. I love my husband so much. I am so blessed that we still love each other so much.

However, we are busy, and we were so busy that we BOTH forgot it was our anniversary until my Mom posted a congratulatory note on Facebook about an hour ago.

Here is a look back at our previous anniversaries that we have celebrated since I started this Blog:

18th anniversary
17th anniversary
16th anniversary
15th anniversary
14th anniversary
13th anniversary
12th anniversary
11th anniversary
10th anniversary
9th anniversary
8th anniversary

I am truly immensely blessed that I found JB so long ago. We truly are soulmates. I love our crazy life and our crazy adventures. I love being his wife. I love that he is my best friend. 

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TAV said...

Happy belated anniversary!