Sunday, June 11, 2017

My kiddos

About this time on my cruise, I imagine I'll be really missing my kids. What will I be missing?

Isaac: I love Isaac's passion for piano, rollercoasters, and geography. I love that he only smiles when I have really earned a smile. I love that he still has his favorite stuffed animals he sleeps with. I love that he accepts his adoption as just the way his story was written. I love his introspection and sweet hugs.

Sidge: I love Sidge's passion. He is passionate about everything he does. Everything is either the best or the worst (which is typical of me). I love how much he loves animals, and how fervently he loves his current dogs and the dog he lost. I love that he is so smart, and yet he has no idea that he is. I love how caring and sensitive he is.

Abigail: My blondie. This girl can melt you in one look, and she knows she has that power. I so enjoy watching her do ballet, and I love seeing her shyness conflicting with her want to not be shy anymore. I love that despite how shy she is, when she steps on a stage, all shyness is gone. I love how beautiful she is both on the inside and outside, and the sweet tears that she can turn on at a moment's notice.

Hannah: Hannah will always hold a very special section of my heart. I love how incredibly difficult and challenging, and determined, and outgoing, and intelligent she is. I love that she was born last but conceived first as so much of her acts like a firstborn. She loves hugs and kisses and just being with her family. She is truly a world-changer.

I miss them! But I still have one more day to cruise!

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