Friday, June 16, 2017

Ballet Camp

The girls participated in a week of ballet camp Monday thru Friday this week. Hannah did the little "Princess Camp" for the first time. And Abigail completed her third summer ballet week. I'm not sure Hannah is going to take ballet, yet, but she did great during camp. And Abigail just absolutely LOVES ballet. Here are a few pictures, courtesy as always, of my friend Kristin -- photographer extraordinaire. 

Abigail's class was two hours long. They would do ballet for the first hour and then work on a play for the second hour that they presented to the parents. Even better is the fact that they didn't want parents to be there for the rehearsal, and Abigail told me it was okay I didn't stay with her! This might have been the first time I have ever left her for ANYTHING!

With her fellow princesses in the play.

Hannah's princess group. (She is third from the left.)

Hannah's class working on their craft.

During Hannah's class, Abigail walked with Ms. Kristen and Eliza to get a snack. Eliza and Abigail are nearly the same age and will most likely be homeschooled together all the way through. It is so fun to see Abigail feel comfortable enough with them to leave me and go do things!

This girl. She is growing up soooooo fast. SLOW DOWN!

Abigail with some of her ballet friends.

Abigail and Eliza reading during a break.

The awesome Kristin. I LOVE THIS GIRL!

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