Saturday, June 17, 2017

We Bought a Farm: Second Conference

We are holding our second conference here at BAUERNHOF KITSTEINER. It is just a day conference and is an "Introduction to Permaculture." We have about 15 people in attendance, and are having a blast! Here's a shot of how we turn our garage into a conference room:

Our friends: Leeann and Pete drove in for the conference and to see our farm. Leeann was the nurse who was on during my delivery of Sidge. My mother and mother-in-law remember her running down the hall to find epi when things went south so quickly. Sidge and her really have a special bond! It's fun to see. She is a city girl at heart, so it is SO FUN to watch her learning about the farm:

She even got to hold one of our new rams:

Ritter and Arabelle both love them:

I already showed this picture once, but I just LOVE IT. Leeann reminds us of our Joni. I have a feeling, she'll have to be returning to the farm regularly:

Leeann snagged a picture of our meat chickens growing away in our chicken tractors. We are running THREE chicken tractors this year with about 90-100 birds in each one:

Abigail has been working on her cartwheel, but Leeann, who was a gymnast, gave her a few tips, and suddenly she was flying!

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