Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What words can you say?

Sometimes someone says just a few words to you and it changes your perspective and energizes you and refocuses you.

My friend Linda is a pediatrician who was stationed with us in Turkey. She has amazing decorative taste and a very clean and precise home. And she did just that this past weekend.

I told her that I felt my house was really messy. I'm a very organized person, and I really have been feeling like I have just lost my ability to keep up. I felt like I had control until I started homeschooling with a Hannah in tow.

Linda told me that she thought I was doing very well for living in a house with six people and having nearly ten people for dinner every night. "I really think you're doing great!" was honestly the equivalent of a bag of chocolate and a pedicure in my heart. It truly rejuvenated me.

Of course words have to be true to really mean something. And she was being truthful. She said it wasn't as bad as I thought it was! I seriously felt so encouraged, and like I wasn't losing ground as much as I thought it was.

Just remember that the words you say to someone are incredibly powerful. YOU have the ability to make the difference in someone's lives TODAY.

What words can you say?

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