Friday, June 09, 2017

Friday Funnies

While at the church playground, our friend Peter, who is a bigtime daredevil, made a running jump into a baby swing and then did some sort of tricky spin to land back on the ground. Hannah's jaw dropped to the ground and she announced to everyone: "Did you all see what Peter did? He jumped up in that swing and out and he didn't even die!"


We've been working with Hannah on her lying. Here is a "funny" example of one 'bout this week:
Hannah: "Mommy, Ritter (our boy dog) ate the earrings that were on your end table."
Me: "He ate them?"
Hannah: "Yes, they went into his mouth and then he walked into the bathroom and jumped up on the sink and spit them out and they went down the drain."
Me: "Hannah, that isn't possible. Those were big earrings."
Hannah: "But I just sawed him do it."
Me: "Are you lying?"
Hannah: "No, I sawed it."
Me: "Hannah, you will not get in trouble if you tell the truth. Can you tell me the truth about where my earrings are?"
Hannah: "Yes. They fell behind your bed."
Sure enough, that's where they were when I looked! Little stinker came up with a whole story because the earrings fell where she couldn't reach them. Sigh ....

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